Reduce Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) on Shopify with several easy steps to improve Shopify store performance: 1 Optimize Time to...
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Reduce Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) on Shopify with several easy steps to improve Shopify store performance:

1 Optimize Time to First Byte (TTFB):
Large images or videos are often the main culprits behind LCP issues. Ensure compressing images and videos to reduce file sizes, use modern image formats like WebP.

2 Eliminate Resource Load Delays:
Excessive or poorly optimized JavaScript slow down any website. Minimize and defer non-essential JavaScript, especially if it’s render-blocking.
Optimize the placement of resources or use async/defer attributes to prevent them from hindering content loading.

3 Reduce Resource Load Times:
Critical resources (CSS and JavaScript) should not be render-blocking. Async and defer attributes for script tags and inline critical CSS to improve initial load times.
Lazy Loading: Load images only when they enter the viewport.

4 Disable Lazy Loading Above the Fold:
Prioritize loading content above the fold to enhance user perception of speed.

5 Shopify apps:
The less the better, maximal 10 Shopify Frontend apps should run. If you need more functions, consider a developer.

6 Improve Largest Contentful Paint by removing image transitions:
Image transitions are implemented in a way that causes a large degradation in performance and thus user experience. Remove transitions completely, removing the behavior is as simple as removing the attribute from the image.

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Create the Perfect product page

55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on any given website, aim for an LCP of 2.5 seconds or less for at least 75% of page visits to ensure a good user experience.
Perfect product page

I am thoroughly specialized in creating responsive Shopify shops and websites for the Shopify eCommerce platform as an approved Shopify Expert.
Benefit from experience of over 400+ successful launched Shopify shops.



98% of my clients report the ROI of their store has doubled after concepting & restructuring.

Milo is an approved Shopify expert with a five-star track record in the design, setup & optimization of Shopify shops.
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Milo is a very professional + excellent expert in his domain + efficient and successful in his implementation and + pleasant, competent and to the point + an accomplished Shopify expert in his communication.
He advises holistically – from the design, sales, performance and business model level. All words / recommendations are followed by very functional solutions. We successfully set up my shop and established it on the market.

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How to create a powerful Shopify shop

Position your products prominently. Shopify templates let you present your products with all features & benefits.
Create a powerful Shopify shop



Absolutely great!!! This is the 5th online shop we built with Milo and he is an absolute professional. His knowledge on online shops and Shopify is astonishing, with his support we created online shops of high page speed and great usability. Our conversion rates and sales have increased massively since we work with Milo. We therefore highly recommend him as a Shopify expert!!

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Most important pages in Shopify Store setup

Your homepage is often the page shoppers go to when they want to learn about your brand. It needs to represent you in terms of content, personality, and, most importantly, value proposition.
Most important pages



30% of mobile shoppers use their devices to find out more about a product they’re interested in. Whether it’s reading reviews, checking specifications, or exploring features, this research helps them make informed choices.


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Custom work


  • Design and integration of custom specifications
  • SEO optimized result
  • Developing custom functions to extend Shopify functionality



  • Setting up and tuning environment for SEO
  • Installing Shopify templates
  • Shopify Setup and Configuration
  • Configuring Shopify apps



  • Shopify Management Support
  • Backend management (code fixing, updates etc...)
  • Store management (roles changes, content update/import/exports, etc.)



  • Migrating a Shopify install from an existing
  • Importing content into a Shopify install
  • Configuring content roles
Reduce LCP on Shopify


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  • Responsive
  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • SEO score



93 %


milo, a designer, developer and consultant with experience of 400+ successfully launched Shopify stores.


A designer, developer, consultant & approved Shopify expert with a five-star track record in the design, setup & optimization of Shopify shops.

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