A good illustration should be seductive. Sexy. capture views, wakes up interest, makes appetite for more. The spectator gets the...
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A good illustration should be seductive. Sexy. capture views, wakes up interest, makes appetite for more.

The spectator gets the feeling. Illustration is a process of common transfer of written, thought and spoken words in a visual counterpart, which on the one hand substitutes and complements the contents, on the other hand enriches them and offers the spectator additional, direct access to the subject. Illustration should be about creating expectations and to fulfill them simultanesously.

Illustration is visualization


Illustration is visualization


Illlustration created by using two of my drafts for the milo website, my imagination and Photoshop. Starting in the 1990s, traditional illustrators confronted a challenge from those using computer software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and CorelDRAW. Whilst some of the new generation of illustrators are trained at colleges directly in front of the screen, most are merely made aware of the technology available and expected to train themselves to utilise it.

Illustration is visualization

What is an Illustration?

An illustration is a visual representation that adds context and clarifies the specific meaning of something. It can take various forms, including paintings, drawings, photographs, and other imagery representations.

Illustration is visualization

What are the keypoints of an Illustration?

Purpose and Integration:
Illustrations are designed for integration in both print (such as posters, flyers, magazines, books) and digitally published media (including animations, video games, and films).
They serve to decorate, interpret, or visually explain a text, concept, or process.

Creation and Styles:
Illustrations are typically created by illustrators.
Contemporary illustration employs a wide range of styles and techniques, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, digital design, and 3D modeling.
Depending on the purpose, illustrations can be expressive, stylized, realistic, or highly technical.

Specialist Areas:
Illustration spans various domains, including:
Architectural illustration
Book illustration
Fashion illustration
Information graphics
Scientific illustration
Technical illustration
Narrative illustration
Picture books

Technical and Scientific Illustration:
This specialized form communicates technical or scientific information.
It includes exploded views, cutaways, reconstructions, diagrams, and other visual representations.
The goal is to convey information effectively to a non-technical audience.
Software tools are often used to create accurate representations that can be updated and reused.


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